Ungrateful Wretches


If you follow the mainstream media, you can’t help but notice that America is pretty ghastly these days. Academics and woke commentators who are apparently too dim to determine their own genders scream breathlessly about how racist, misogynistic, bigoted and hateful we all are. Over the past few years, these people have believed so fervently in their cause that they were willing to trash academic buildings and burn down American neighborhoods just to make their point.

Of all the manifest foolishness about which we modern Americans appear to be verklempt, I’m not entirely convinced, but “Defund the Police” might be the stupidest.

Have those who trumpet such stuff ever met a real, live human, much less a criminal? If left to our own devices, people are reliably bad. Since the very beginning of time, that’s the reason mankind has banded together to form societies and governments. Without such structure, the world invariably descends into a state of tragedy, chaos, violence and pain.

There are exactly two ways to generate grand-scale violent chaos in the world. Neither is particularly pleasant up close. The first is to dismantle or overwhelm the structure and institutions that keep the chaos at bay. Think Portland, San Francisco or Haiti. The second, and worst, is to give the agents of chaos the reins of state power. Examples of this sordid state would include Sudan, Iran, Russia and North Korea.

What exactly does the “Defund the Police” crowd actually expect to result from that? If you take the cops off the streets, do you really think people are going to behave themselves, respect boundaries and treat each other nicely? Urban spaces left without authority figures inevitably descend into a Mad Max-grade state of apocalyptic anarchy … every single time. Now, hold that thought …

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